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DATA: Will Wisconsin be a top 14 BCS team if they win out?

DATA: Will Wisconsin be a top 14 BCS team if they win out?

We've been talking about whether or not the Badgers can be eligible for a BCS bowl game if they finish the season at 10-2. That means they would have to win out and then finish in the top 14 of the final BCS standings.

So I took a look back at the top teams from the B1G and how they finished in the BCS standings. Note the 2 loss teams have an * next to them if they made the top 14.

It's good news if you are a Badger fan. I went back the last 7 years and found out that 6 times a B1G team finsihed with 2 losses prior to their bowl game. All 6 times that team finished in the top 14 of the BCS standings.

The lowest a 2 loss team finished was Michigan in 2011 and Penn State in 2009. Each finished at #13. The highest a 2 loss team finished was Ohio State in 2009 at #8.

A 3 loss team also made the top 14 one year when Illinois finished 13th after a 9-3 regular season. Also it's interesting to note that last years Nebraska team finished 16th after getting stomped by the Badgers in the B1G championship. The week before the title game when they had two losses they were the 12th ranked team in the BCS.

Bottom line: Win it out and history says you'll be BCS bowl eligible.


Side Note: I stopped at 2006 because before that there were only 11 regular season games for most college teams (although Wisconsin did play 12 games in 2005). The Badgers did finish 9-2 in 2004 and finished 17th in the BCS. Iowa and Michigan also were 9-2 that year and finished 12th and 13th respectively.


YearTeam and RecordFinal BCS
2012OSU 12-0X
NEB  10-316 (#12 before B10 Title loss to WI)
NU 9-320


2011 WIS 11-210 *
MICH 10-213 *
MSU 10-317


2010WIS 11-15
OSU 11-16
MSU 11-19


2009OSU 10-28 *
IOW 10-210 *
 PSU 10-213 *


2008PSU 11-18
 OSU 10-210 *


2007 OSU 11-11
 ILL 9-313 (Three loss team makes top 14)
 WIS 9-318


2006 OSU 12-01
MICH 11-13
WIS 11-17



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