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READ: 29 Reasons Wisconsin Is AWESOME!

READ: 29 Reasons Wisconsin Is AWESOME! just came out with an article on the "29 reasons you should live in Wisconsin."

Since we ALREADY live here, it'll do us some good to remember how awesome we have it. You can get the full list o' 29 fabulous reasons at this link.

Some of our favorites were:

  • It's Beervana
  • A Land Of Second Chances
  • America's Best Mustaches
*A SOLID #30 would have been the Bid on Milwaukee Blowout SaleThat's happening today (11/12/13) until 7PM. Browse the offerings and save up to 60% off of retail prices on a whole listing of things here
So here's two questions: 1.) What was your favorite ON the list? 2.) What do you think they left OFF the list that should have made the cut?
We'll start. This SHOULD have made the list:


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