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Festa Italiana Opens Today

Festa Italiana gets underway at 11:30 this morning on the Summerfest grounds.

 “It’s a little taste of Italy right here in Milwaukee,” said Gina Spang, the President of the Italian Community Center. “The weather is going to be great. There’s a lot of activities. If you like good food, if you like entertainment, if you want to take a ride on the gondola, come on down. I would say that the food is the primary draw, some come for the food, stay for the fun and the fireworks.”

Festa Italiana is now in its 36th year, and this year there is something for everyone.

There will be a Lego tent, face painting, musical performances from Italian artists and, of course, the food.

“We’ve talked about Festa being a family run festival. It is made up of a lot of families and organizations and a lot of businesses that are family run businesses,” said Dean Conestra, the co-chair of the Food Committee at Festa Italiana. “So you get a lot of that Ma and Pa feel. A lot of the recipes, a lot of style of cooking we have here is grandma’s recipe, the way that mama used to make things like that here. And that is what we hear a lot from people that come to this festival.”

Festa Italiana runs today through Sunday.  For more information, visit  


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